Bathtub Resurfacing and Repair


Bathtub Resurfacing and Repair Solutions

Choice Resurfacing uses a mixture of proprietary techniques and technology as well as high-quality materials to recreate the surface of your bathtub, restoring its look and feel. Bathtub resurfacing and repair is an excellent option for chipped, stained, and rusted tubs.

Our Utah bathtub resurfacing and repair solutions improves your tub’s appearance and saves you on replacement costs (you can save 70%). Resurfacing can save you time as well. Our professional services take only 1.5 days to complete. Once resurfaced, your bathtub will look beautiful for years to come.

Our products work on nearly any surface, including:

  • Porcelain
  • Cast iron
  • Steel/enamel
  • Fiberglass
  • Plastic/acrylic
  • Cultured marble

Our friendly office staff is available to answer any questions you may have about our bathtub resurfacing and repair solutions. Contact Us today to discuss your needs and get started on your project.

Tub Resurfacing Solutions

Diagram Of Tub Resurfacing Solutions.


We Create a Durable New Surface

Using only the highest quality materials available, we create the strongest possible surface for years of beautiful, functional, and reliable use. Our chemical processes generate hard-wearing surfaces that can last over 15 years with proper care. Our resilient surfaces are resistant to chips, cracks, and bubbling. Don’t settle for less than the best when it comes to bathtub resurfacing and repair.

Resurfacing layers

The Choice Resurfacing Difference

Choice Resurfacing goes beyond layering a new coat of paint over an old tub. Because bathtubs are used frequently, it’s vital to get the job right. We go through multiple steps to carefully upgrade, beautify, and restore your bathroom fixtures.

First, we make any required tub repairs, including minor ding and dent repairs, to ensure the smoothest possible result. Second, we thoroughly clean the surface and remove old silicone caulking, if necessary. Once the surface is prepared, we apply our exclusive adhesives. This allows our coatings to bond directly with the original surface. After our bonding agent has been applied, our resurfacing experts apply three layers of primer to ensure a strong foundation. We then use a spray system to create a surface that matches our client’s specified look and feel. Once this is complete, we finish with three layers of top-coat material and allow everything to cure overnight.

We go the extra mile by returning the next morning to correct any minor flaws. This will ensure that your fixture looks and feels amazing. Our unmatched quality and care has made Choice Resurfacing Utah’s leading resurfacing service. Contact us today for help with your bathtub resurfacing or repair project.