Bathtub Rust Repair, Removal, and More

Rust on Your Bath or Kitchen Fixtures is Never a Good Thing

Depending on the fixture, rust can be more of a problem than you think. The sooner you remove the rust and repair any damage, the better. When compared to a complete replacement, our sink, shower, and bathtub rust removal and repair services in Utah enable you to restore your fixture’s function and beauty for less money in less time.

What is Rust?

Rust (oxidation) occurs when oxygen comes in long-term contact with certain metals. The main catalyst for the rusting process is water. As rust develops it weakens metal and makes the structure brittle and crumbly. The thinner the metal, the better the chances that rust damage will occur. While it’s difficult to stop rust from forming, some metals can be treated to resist the damaging effects. The sooner you treat your oxidizing metal surfaces, the better your chances for a positive outcome.

Rust Repair, Rust In Bathtub

How Does Rust Start?

Corroding fixtures and moisture can result in rust. If your bathroom fixtures are rusted, you can slow or eliminate the oxidation’s progression by replacing the fixtures and resurfacing the rusted area.

A refinisher’s quality of work plays a major role here. Most refinishing companies will simply spray over the rust, assuming that the job is complete. But because the underlying problem hasn’t been solved, the metal will continue to deteriorate. At Choice Resurfacing, we offer trusted bathtub rust removal and repair solutions that eliminate or neutralize as much rust as possible.

Contact us today to learn more about our expert bathtub rust removal and repair solutions. The sooner we take care of your rust problem, the longer your bathtub or sink will last. We’re available for projects across the state of Utah.