Terms & Agreements


SCOPE OF ESTIMATE: Even if an on-site estimate is performed, there may be areas of damage or other issues not readily available or visible to the estimator. Such areas may incur additional cost to complete the job. Customer will be advised of any unforeseen issues as soon as they become known in order to get their approval of this additional work. Customer needs to make
themselves accessible during the refinishing project for these and other issues as they arise. In the event that customer is not available, customer authorizes us to proceed with the needed repairs and pay any reasonable costs associated with those repairs.

SCHEDULING: Please call us immediately if you have any questions or problems, or if a scheduling conflict arises. If scheduling changes are necessary, please give us AT LEAST TWO WORKING DAYS advance notice. Cancellations or schedule changes within 48 hours of your scheduled job will incur a cancellation fee in the amount of 25% of the scheduled job. If you have other work being conducted in your home by another contractor, please discuss this at the time of your scheduling. Other contract work may generate dust or other contaminants and interfere with our ability to provide you with a quality product. Your job is not the only job your technician may have responsibility for on the day you are scheduled. Consequently, scheduled arrival times are “best guess” estimates and may vary from what you have been told. Our technicians will attempt to contact you if they will be too late, or you can contact our office for more specific arrival times on the day of your job. Occasionally events occur which require us to adjust the date or time for your job. In the event we need to adjust your scheduled job date or time, we will attempt to contact you as early as possible and coordinate another mutual time. In the event the technician is unable to access the premises and has to wait for such access, a $75 per hour charge for waiting time will be assessed.

PREPARATION: Please remove all loose items from the room BEFORE our technician arrives to do the refinishing. This includes curtains, pictures, accessories, rugs, etc. Clear all countertop surfaces. All surfaces within the refinishing area should be  thoroughly dusted and vacuumed to minimize dust contamination during refinishing. Tubs and showers should be cleaned of soap residue. In the event that the area is not prepared prior to our arrival, wait time while you prepare the room or remove fixtures will be billed at $75 per hour in addition to the original job cost. We need electrical power, water, lights, and climate control in order to do our job. During winter months, proper heating is required in the area where the refinishing takes place. Please ensure that heat is on and at proper temperature prior to job arrival. Jobs rescheduled due to lack of power, water, lights or cllimate control will incur additional charges.

DUST: Every effort is made to exhaust airborne dust and contaminate items generated during the refinishing process and to mask off as much as possible, but items left in the refinishing area and other parts of the home are subject to this dust and is normal in all refinishing. No guarantee is made or implied that dust will not remain in areas once refinishing is completed. Please cover items
where you are concerned about dust settling.

PLUMBING: Our tecnicians are NOT plumbers. They are not trained, equipped, licensed, or authorized to do plumbing. Our standard operation is to mask off fixtures rather than remove them. If they remove or replace any pipes or fixtures at your request, it is done solely as a courtesy and the responsibility for any resulting damage is yours. Our technicians may, under certain circumstances, find it necessary to remove or loosen handles, spouts, drain pieces, or overflow covers. In such cases, we will attempt to return those pieces to their original place, unless the age or general decay of pipes or fixtures makes this impossible. Please inform our technician or the estimator if your plumbing is old or in questionable condition, so that we can take special precautions or leave it completely undisturbed. Time and costs associated with repairing rusted or decayed screws, parts, etc., will result in additional charges for the job in question.

COLOR: The standard color for CHOICE Resurfacing is White, Bone or Biscuit or our Stone Finish color. Any color other than these requires mixing of pigments and MUST BE APPROVED BY THE CUSTOMER before the finish can be applied. Additional charges apply for custom colors whether specifically ordered or mixed on site. Please choose carefully as the color once applied cannot be changed except by completely reapplying new materials at the customer’s expense. Sample color swatches shown in advance may not be exact matches to the finished color you as the customer receive. This may be due to variations between batches of coatings from the manufacturer, or other issues related to the application of the coating material on any given day. CHOICE Resurfacing will not re-spray surfaces based on these variations of final color without additional charge.

PAINT AND WALLPAPER: In order to protect paint, walls, tile, wallpaper or other surfaces, we MUST mask them. Our technician will take care when masking, but masking tape may pull up pieces of the surface when it is removed. Despite the use of masking tape, occasional bleed through may occur onto grout lines. Any such damage is not our responsibility and you release CHOICE Resurfacing and its employees from any such liability. Please discuss any concerns you have with your Technician prior to the job.

MOVEMENT OF APPLIANCES: In order to properly spray the edges of kitchen countertops, it may be necessary to have the stove, refrigerator, or other appliance moved away from those edges. By agreeing to have work done, you are agreeing that you will either ensure the appliances are moved prior to the start of the job or move them once the job has begun. In the event you require our technicians to either move the appliances or assist in the moving of those appliances, you acknowledge that the movement of these appliances is a courtesy and the responsibility for any damage is yours. CHOICE Resurfacing and its employees have no liability for damage incurred during the moving of those appliances and you release CHOICE Resurfacing and all of its employees from any such liability.

MATERIALS: CHOICE Resurfacing technicians use materials and chemicals specifically designed for refinishing. They are trained in the proper use and handling of those materials which generally should not create any kind of health hazard for the customer. However, as a precautionary measure, we suggest that anyone with sensitivity to solvent or paint-type smells remain out of the work area until the smell has dissipated. It may take several hours for the smells to dissipate, possibly longer in some instances, especially during colder months when ventilation is difficult. Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for the materials to be used are available for your review upon request. Similar consideration should be given towards any pets, small children, pregnant women, or persons with respiratory problems in or around the work area. CHOICE Resurfacing is not liable for adverse reactions to our products. Touching refinished surfaces before they dry may damage the finish and there will be a charge to repair the resultant damage.

EXPECTATIONS: CHOICE Resurfacing will make every attempt to make your refinished surface look “like new”, but every surface will have certain slight imperfections as a result of the refinishing.  While we are one of the few refinishers to actually do a detailing of the new surface, minor surface dust particles may settle into the surface and detailing will not eliminate ALL of them. DO NOT BE
ALARMED, normal use and regular cleaning will minimize minor surface dust marks and particles within a few weeks. Certain imperfections in the texture of the surface may continue to show through the new surface. CHOICE Resurfacing makes no warranty, either express or implied that the new surface will be the same as a brand new fixture. If you have questions, discuss them with your CHOICE Resurfacing representative or technician. It is very important that you do not try removing these particles by picking at them. Your coating is not fully cured or bonded for several days, and you will damage the coating if you pick at the particles. Such damage is NOT COVERED UNDER WARRANTY, and there will be a charge to repair it.

DISCLAIMER: Refinishing may make a surface smoother. CHOICE Resurfacing offers the application of a slip resistant surface to reduce the possibility of injury, which may occur from slipping or falling for an additional fee. CHOICE Resurfacing makes no representation or warranty that its slip resistant surface will prevent slipping or falling or damage incurred therefrom. Customer attests that he understands the terms of the Disclaimer and agrees to hold CHOICE Resurfacing harmless from any claim, liability, and/or damage resulting from any slip or fall which may occur on or around a refinished surface, including any surface treated with a slip resistant surface.

CLEANING INSTRUCTIONS: Use only non-abrasive, liquid cleaners on your CHOICE surface. Spray cleansers such as Formula 409, Fantastic, DOW Scrubbing Bubbles, or any liquid cleanser that does not contain abrasives, bleach, or chlorine may be used. For best results, spray the surface and let it penetrate for 3-5 minutes before wiping. Do not allow cleaners to remain on surface for an extended period of time. Any plastic cleaning pad designed for use on Teflon surfaces works well. Extend the life of your  refinished surface with the use of any polymer-based polish every six months.

DRYING PERIODS: Please refrain from touching any surfaces during the refinishing process as they may not be fully dry or cured and smudges or damages may occur. In some cases, this damage cannot be corrected without completely re-spraying the entire fixture. Please ensure that small children and pets do not touch the surfaces during this drying period. Your technician will advise you when the surface is safe for touching and use. Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality end product we can. Any damage or smudging caused by such early touching may require additional costs to correct the damage, and an extension of the timeframe to complete the job. PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH!


FULL PAYMENT IS DUE UPON COMPLETION We accept CASH, CHECK or CERTAIN CREDIT CARDS. Some credit cards may result in a slight transaction fee not to exceed 3% of the job total. You must be present to inspect the work and take care of payment when the job is complete, or make payment in advance. Certain jobs may require a deposit in advance. In these cases the unpaid balance is due upon completion) Jobs not paid upon completion are subject to a ‘billing setup fee’ in the amount of $35 in addition to the cost of the job. A Lien may be filed for any amounts owed, including interest and processing fees, after completion of the work. Any unpaid amounts will be assessed finance charges in the amount of 2% monthly (24% annually), and will accrue from the date work was completed unless other arrangements have been made with our office in advance. In the event collections are necessary, customer is liable for all reasonable attorney’s fees and other charges associated with the collections. Custom color fees or other items such as shower doors must be paid in full in advance and are non-refundable in the event customer chooses to cancel job.

Additional Info

All material is guaranteed to be as specified, and the work performed in accordance with our standard guarantees and policies.

Pricing and information regarding additional repairs is based on information available to us at the time the estimate was done. Unforeseen factors or damaged areas discovered once the job is underway could result in an adjustment to the estimated pricing and/or a change in the projected job completion time.

Any alteration, deviation, or requested modification could incur additional charges.

Our policy is to have a credit card on file prior to the job start.