Tile Resurfacing and Repair

Resurfacing is a great and cost-effective solution for tile that’s outdated, worn, or damaged. While removing and replacing your tile can be expensive and time-consuming, Choice Resurfacing’s premier tile resurfacing and repair solutions enable you to refinish your tile wall, surround, or counter top in only a day and a half. Our tile surfacing and repair services also cost only a fraction of the price of tile replacement. Imagine: in only 1.5 days your tiled surface will have a brand-new, updated appearance that’s easier to clean, seal, and look at.

Fast, Affordable, And Durable.

After we thoroughly clean your tile, we repair any damage or imperfections for a flawless, like-new surface. Once this is complete, we apply our special bonding agent, to ensure superior adhesion, and spray on the color of your choice. Once the surface cures, we seal it with a protective coating to bring out it’s true beauty. After one more night of curing, your tile can last you 15+ years with minimal cleaning effort.
As you can see in the example image, our special coating goes right over your existing tile fixture. This leaves you with the same tile appearance but with the benefit of an updated color and freshly sealed grout lines.
Our products have been independently tested and proven to last for more than 15 years. But, just to show how much we care, we also include a warranty on all of our tile resurfacing and repair solutions. We want you to have peace of mind knowing that no matter what happens, you’ll continue to have beautiful tile.
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